Assassin’s Creed Tours Of Ancient Egypt & Greece Are Now Free

The Assassin’s Creed games pride themselves on their historical accuracy and amazing attention to detail, even going so far as to include virtual tours of their worlds within the game menus. These tours are not only awesome ways to explore the land, but also to investigate how civilisations before ours farmed, built, and lived. The AC discovery tours make education fun, and now two of them are free thanks to Ubisoft!

Credit: Ubisoft

The AC Tours can be purchased separately from the main games (though they come included with those), but now both Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece and Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt are completely free to download and keep.

They’re actually a great way to help with educating your little ones while you’re in lockdown, so if you have kids, these are definitely worth downloading!

Credit: Ubisoft

The news of the freebies was shared to Twitter via the official Ubisoft account. The team said simply: “Take a historic journey from home with Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece & Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt FREE to download and keep.”

Sadly the free Discovery Tours are only for PC players, but hey, you can’t complain at a free virtual tour. Download yours via Ubisoft, right here, but be quick. As Ubisoft says, you can claim your free game from May 14th at 18:00 to May 21st at 19:00.

In related news, it’s been confirmed that the next addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise will be Valhalla, allowing players to explore the Viking era and all the blood and violence that comes along with the time period. That’s not the only thing players will get to experience though, as it’s been confirmed that Valhalla will feature one of the UK’s most historic landmarks: Stonehenge.

Credit: Ubisoft

As reported by VG247, the game’s creative director Ashraf Ismail, recently shared the news on Twitter. Ismail responded to a fan query, confirming that yes, the likes of Stonehenge and many more UK landmarks will be featured in the game.

Hopefully Valhalla will continue the AC tradition of Discovery Tours!

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft