Atomic Heart Will Feature Two Endings Based On Moral Decision Making

Look, we get it; Atomic Heart looks like a Russian version of Fallout. Yet, unlike Bethesda’s RPG, Mundfish is apparently crafting a fairly straight-talking FPS adventure. However, despite this, Atomic Heart will apparently feature two alternative endings that will be influenced by “moral choice”.

Atomic Heart Enemy
Credit: Mundfish

During an official FAQ on Mundfish’s Discord, the Moscow based developer delved into why it has chosen to implement moral decision making into an otherwise linear experience [via Wccftech]:

“We have 2 endings. But we are not an RPG: Atomic Heart has a strict linear plot, and one should not expect incredible variability. We’ve put an important moral choice in the hands of the player closer to the finale, because we want to nudge the community to argue and discuss about the themes that we have laid out in the story. We want you to draw your own conclusions and make your own decision, not being influenced by forces from above.”

So, what does this actually mean? Well, perhaps this is a sign that Atomic Heart is less Fallout and more Wolfenstein: The New Order. After all, Bethesda’s take on the old PC shooter features a relatively predetermined path and story, with decision elements that have a bearing on the final outcome.

Atomic Heart
Credit: Mundfish

In addition to the alternative endings information, Mundfish also revealed that the game would feature  “good, stable performance”. The game will also have no loading screens, which sounds like it’ll serve to fuel Atomic Heart’s chaotic vibe. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’m completely on board for an off the wall, dystopian adventure!

Sadly, Atomic Heart doesn’t have a release date yet. However, Mundfish seems confident that the “The long wait is almost over”.

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Featured Image Credit: Mundfish