Bad News For PUBG Players As The Game’s Frame Rate Affects Weapon Recoil

Players have been working to find out just how weapon recoil works in the game, and they’ve found that the frame rate has a direct affect on the recoil of certain weapons.
Credit: PUBG Corp

YouTuber WackyJack101 uploaded a video that shows just how capping the game at 30 FPS will give you more controllable weapon recoil for a few of the game’s weapons.

According to his tests, the M249 becomes a much better choice at the lower refresh rate, whereas the AKM doesn’t show much of a change. It’s been found that limiting your frame rate will also have a direct affect on the rate-of-fire for some of the weapons, lowering the speed of fire but improving your accuracy.

Credit: PUBG Corp

Check out one of WackyJack’s videos on the matter below:

YouTube video

In the video description WackyJack links to a Reddit post by MutuTutu which disputes some of the video’s claims, saying: “Most of you have probably already seen WackyJacky’s video about recoil and FPS…

“He correctly found out that changing your FPS will affect your Fire Rate which will then change your recoil (slower fire rate -> more time to rest -> less recoil).

Credit: PUBG Corp

“But he has actually drawn the wrong conclusion, due to picking very similar numbers (30, 60, max), he believed low fps means low fire rate, which might work as a rule of thumb but what actually matters is how well your FPS synchronize with your Fire Rate.

“That is the reason why he found nothing for the AK, since it shoots 10 times a second which perfectly syncs up with 30 fps and 60 fps.”

Read the post in full here.

Featured Image Credit: PUBG Corp.