Batman Arkham Origins Sequel Cancelled, Concept Art Shows Older, Bearded Dark Knight

Batman Arkham Origins was supposed to have a sequel featuring an older, bearded Dark Knight. Unfortunately, it was cancelled.

Batman Arkham Origins was released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Unlike the other Batman Arkham games developed by Rocksteady Studios, Origins was developed by Warner Bros. Montreal. It told a prequel story to the main Arkham games from Rocksteady Studios.

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All in all, despite encountering a game-breaking glitch, once I managed to finish Arkham Origins, it was a very enjoyable game with some fun twists and turns. However, there has been no word of Arkham Origins getting a second game from WB Montreal. That said, WB Montreal is working on the open-world co-op game, Gotham Knights which is set to release in 2022.

Yet, despite there being no sign of an Arkham Origins sequel (at least publicly), it seems that there were once plans for a sequel. Sadly, that project was cancelled some while ago. The news of the cancelled Arkham Origins sequel was initially discovered by Reddit user thebananapeeler2 after stumbling across some concept art.

batman arkham origins
Credit: WB Games/WB Montreal

Is that a Batman Beyond suit?

The concept art in question was drawn by freelance artist Goran Bukvic and was posted to ArtStation on November 3rd. The post featuring the concept art also included the following message: “Note – this is NOT concept art for the upcoming Batman movie, These concepts were done for a cancelled game a long time ago. Had a lot of fun with these.

The artwork not only features an older, bearded, more grizzled Bruce Wayne, and he is accompanied by Damian Wayne. Furthermore, it looks like Damian is wearing a Batman Beyond suit. The Dark Knight’s son has not only been portrayed as Robin but also as a new Batman in some stories.

By the looks of the older Batman, it was also likely that the game from WB Montreal may have taken place some years after Batman: Arkham Knight which was released in 2015.

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/WB Montreal