Will update 4.0 be enough?

Battlefield 2042 Update Makes Over 400 Fixes, But Is That Enough?

The next major update for Battlefield 2042 is set to go live next week and it will make over 400 bug fixes and improvements.

News of the upcoming update 4.0 was teased by DICE and Battlefield 2042 community manager Kevin Johnson. Furthermore, the patch notes for update 4.0 will also be released ahead of its launch.

Here’s a taste of what update 4.0 brings:

  • Updated traits for the Operators, Rao, and Paik. Sundance has also had their Grenade Belt fixed which allows “for better Anti-Armor Grenade target acquisition within their immediate vicinity.
  • Ribbons will be improved to allow easier unlocking across various modes.
  • Additional XP rewards have been balanced for Support and Teamplay.
  • Vehicular Warfare has been rebalanced as well as targeted tweaks to vehicles such as the Bolte “to ensure that Infantry/Vehicle counter play still has some bite.
  • A bug will also be fixed related to ADS “when exiting a vehicle and reviving near obstacles.
  • Attachments will also receive an overhaul to ensure “they feel unique and have an impact on your loadout choice and gunplay.

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg for update 4.0, as we will learn more next week.

Battlefield 2042
Credit: EA/DICE

In our review of Battlefield 2042, we said: “You’re far better off turning your eyes to some of this year’s other shooters, or even turning back the clocks to Battlefield 3 and 4. Those are far more ‘Battlefield’ than 2042 will ever be.

However, the question remains on whether this update is enough, considering the online shooter has now hit an all-time low generating less than 1,000 concurrent players on Steam.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE