Battlefield 5 will give you Two Free Items if you Play During the First Week

Freebies are the best bees

Battlefield 5

The release date for Battlefield 5 was delayed until November 20th earlier this year and DICE are looking to compensate players for their patience with the game.

DICE will be giving away two cool in game items as long as you sign in to the new game in the first week that it is released.

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Check out this tweet from Oskar Gabrielson who is the General Manager at DICE explaining the situation.

The Oscar Mike Helmet and Oscar Mike Emblem will be available to all those who sign in during the time period.

The fans seem to be happy with the out come of the freebies.


And some others are obviously not so happy.

This year, just like every year, Battlefield will have a single player campaign along with the new battle royale mode called Firestorm. Many gamers are wondering whether the fact that Battlefield has a single player campaign whereas Call of Duty doesn’t will help Battlefield sell more copies this year.

Battlefield 5 has already come under some fire when the online beta was opened as there were some strange chat filters implemented in the game.

Lets hope they sort that out before the full game gets released.

Will you be picking up Battlefield 5 or are you into this years Call of Duty?

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