Battlefield 5’s Next Closed Alpha Get A Release Date

Battlefield 5 fans enjoyed a closed alpha back in June of this year, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting news on when the next closed alpha would be taking place. 

New information has now been posted to EA’s official blog, giving us lots of new details on what we can expect to see – and when. 

Apparently there’s been a lot of changes based on players feedback of the first alpha, including an update to the game’s progression system with the game’s studio, DICE, aiming to “better cater to players across all play styles and skill levels.” 

There’s also said to be improvements to matchmaking, and some issues players experienced when joining a squad are also said to now be resolved. 

EA is putting the focus of the new closed alpha onto matchmaking for the moment, and it’s expected that vehicles, maps and weapons are still in the testing process and awaiting feedback from gamers. 

According to the blog, which you can read in full right here, you can expect to receive an invitation and a code to access the new alpha, providing that you’re a PC player, and if you’re lucky enough, as there won’t be too many invites floating around… 

It’s believed the alpha will be a short-period test only, same as with the previous alpha, and it’s expected to begin really, really soon, on the 14th August 2018. 

Battlefield 5 will face some tough competition when it releases in October this year. The game will be going up against a lot of highly-anticipated AAA games, including Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game has a current release date of 19th October and will be available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Are you excited for the Battlefield 5 alpha, and will you be picking up the game when it launches in a couple of months? We definitely will be!