Bethesda Boss says ‘If you want us to Stop releasing Skyrim Ports, Stop Buying them’

We all know that Skyrim has gone through many phases and has had re-release after re-release. Including the entertaining Amazon Alexa version. This is real check it out here.

The fact that Skyrim has had so many ports and re-releases has become a meme with many people joking that it will be coming to flip phones and gameboy colours.

Here is what Todd Howard said in an interview with

“Even now, the amount of people who play Skyrim seven years later; millions of people every month are playing that game,”

“That’s why we keep releasing it. If you want us to stop releasing it, stop buying it.”

Skyrim has made the list of most concurrent players on steam in 2018 at 50,000 simultaneous players. This is incredible considering the game was released in 2011 and doesn’t have any online play.

Todd Howard also said this about Bethesda’s gaming situation:
“I’d say I want it to be sustainable. Eventually there will come a day where I’m not making games at Bethesda. Hopefully that’s a long time away. But I want to make sure that who we are, what the worlds are, what the company is, that’s sustainable far beyond me.”

Todd Howard has caught some flack for the multiple releases of Skyrim and also many fans were upset about the upcoming Fallout game. However the releases can be seen as a great move for Bethesda as believe it or not millions of people play Skyrim every month and “that’s why Bethesda will keep releasing it.” Todd Howard said in an interview.

This is also why Elder Scrolls 6 has only just been announced and isn’t expected to be released before 2020.