BioShock Infinite Rumour Suggests Possible PS5 Version

BioShock Infinite might be getting a PS5 upgrade, as a new series of updates has rumours swirling.

As spotted by Reddit user 1000-7 on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, BioShock Infinite has had a large number of updates in recent months. Starting in September 2021, the game has received around seven to 10 updates each month (thanks, TheGamer). With as many as 13 in March alone.

Why the game has had so many updates recently is a bit up in the air. User 1000-7 questioned whether BioShock Infinite might be preparing for a next-gen upgrade, for consoles like the PS5. Though at the moment this is only speculation, as there’s no way of knowing for sure.

One user pointed out in the comments of this thread that it could just be publisher 2K prepping the game for its own launcher integration. This could honestly be the most likely thing to happen. As considering the remastered collection, you would assume that the whole thing would get a next-gen upgrade. The update could also be about optimising the game for the Steam Deck. But again, without comment from 2K, it’s all a bit up in the air.

Considering the fact there is reportedly a new BioShock game in development, a next-gen upgrade wouldn’t be too surprising. It would renew interest in the games, and would help with advertising the newest game. Though this newest game is still yet to be officially revealed. The next game will supposedly be set in a fictional 1960s Antarctic city called Borealis. Though it’s unclear how it might tie into previous games.


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Featured Image Credit: 2K Games