GTA not so plus.

GTA Online Fans Aren’t Happy About The New Subscription Service

GTA Online fans are not happy with the recently announced subscription service that Rockstar are introducing to the game.

Last week, Rockstar announced GTA+, a new GTA Online subscription service exclusively on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Launching today (March 29), the service gives you GTA$500,000 deposited into your account every month. As well as things like member-only discounts, GTA$ and RP bonuses, and special vehicle upgrades. And it costs $5.99 a month. But perhaps unsurprisingly, fans are not exactly happy at this new service (thanks, GAMINGbible).

One user on the GTA Online subreddit joked “How will the starving indie devs over at R* make it without this?!?” Another pointed out how Red Dead Redemption 2 has been left “to die” while this service has been introduced. And one user also noted how this was the kind of thing old Rockstar might make fun of, saying it feels like an April fools joke.


A number of users on Twitter have also expressed annoyance at the service. One user saidRockstar will do anything but drop GTA 6.” And another said, “GTA Online being a success is one of the worst things that ever happened to gaming.” 

Safe to say, a number of fans of the game aren’t happy with it. Whether or not that actually affects how well the service does is up in the air. As a large number of gamers play very casually. But with the amount of subscription service out there for the nichest of products, eventually people just won’t be able to keep up.


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