BioShock Netflix movie has found its director and writer

BioShock Netflix movie has finally found its director and writer. The movie will be a live-action adaptation of the Irrational Games classic.

News of Netflix acquiring BioShock’s director and writer was confirmed in a social media post. BioShock will be directed by Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and written by Michael Green (Blade Runner 2049).

The BioShock Netflix movie was announced earlier in the year and has been met with much fanfare. However, it’s not been plain sailing for this adaptation. There was once a time when the project nearly sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean, to never be seen again.

The BioShock movie was nearly PG-13!

Prior to an interview in 2021 with Collider, before the Netflix movie was announced, it was believed that the original concept idea of the BioShock movie was cancelled due to financial reasons. However, that was apparently not true.

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Credit: 2K Games

The original BioShock movie was going to be directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean). However, during a meeting with Universal Pictures some years ago, Verbinski told executives that creating a BioShock R-rated movie he envisioned would need a $200 million budget.

Furthermore, according to Verbinski, he was told by the Universal Pictures executives that he would only be provided with the $200 million in funding if the BioShock movie was PG-13.

Discussions quickly went south and that adaptation never came to be. However, I think we can all agree that a PG-13 BioShock movie wouldn’t have given this franchise the justice it deserved.

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When will BioShock Netflix be released?

At this time, the BioShock Netflix movie doesn’t have a release date. That being said, we do know that Netflix will be producing the movie alongside Take-Two Interactive as well as Vertigo Entertainment.

Where will the movie be set?

Currently, the BioShock movie location hasn’t been officially confirmed by Netflix. However, seeing as images from the original BioShock game are being used by Netflix, it’s probably safe to assume that it will be set in Rapture.

bioshock infinite
Credit: 2K Games

Hopefully, if this movie proves to be a success, we might even get a sequel based upon BioShock Infinite. If done right, the sky-high city of Columbia could be as visually striking as Rapture.

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