Black Widow Is Now Available To Stream For Free On Disney+

After a bumpy launch, you can now stream Black Widow on Disney+ without paying extra. Time to grab some popcorn!

Black Widow has had a difficult birth. Lionsgate Films began working on a version of the film way back in 2004 – but the rights went to Marvel in 2006. Scarlett Johansson was cast as Black Widow in the second Iron Man film in 2010. We only had to wait another eleven years before she got her own standalone film.

black widow
Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Not only was there a long build-up to the development of Black Widow, it was one of a number of movies whose release was affected by the pandemic. Released online, Johansson ended up suing Disney for lost revenue from box office sales. Earlier this week, Disney and Johansson settled the case – and now we can finally stream the film on Disney+.

The film focuses on Natasha Romanov’s backstory and her relationship with another trained agent, Yelena Belova. Belova is played by Florence Pugh. As a huge Pugh stan, I am very excited to finally stream this movie. It also has Rachel Weisz in it, as if I needed another reason to watch it! You can watch a trailer for it here:

YouTube video

The film has gotten pretty good reviews, gaining 79% on Rotten tomatoes (better than Iron Man 2, at any road). While we saw many of the other Avengers in their own standalone movies years ago, Black Widow’s time has finally come.

What do you think about Black Widow? Will you be watching it now it’s coming to Disney+? Let us know via our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios