Bloodborne 2 Unreal Engine 5 Fan Trailer Is Upsettingly Good

While an official Bloodborne 2 is nowhere in sight, this fan made trailer at least gives a glimpse into what could be.

FromSoftware is obviously some of the best game developers around. It’s one of the few studios in recent years that have managed to establish a whole new genre. And not only has the studio managed to break such ground, it’s put unique spins on it too, like with Bloodborne.

Unfortunately though, while there are three Dark Souls, there’s only one Bloodborne. It’s seven years old now, and there are zero signs that we’ll ever see a sequel. But that doesn’t mean fans haven’t been clamouring for one.

YouTube video

not the real thing, but it does look good

It might not be a true sequel, but one YouTube channel has gone out of its way to make a fan concept trailer for Bloodborne 2. And they did so within Unreal Engine 5, so you know it’s going to look good. 

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The trailer really brings us back to Yharnam once more, though by the looks of things with its own interpretations of the city. Parts of the city look more Tudor inspired, which really works considering Yharnam is massively inspired by Victorian London. As there are still a few original Tudor buildings around the city even today.

Credit: FromSoftware

Enfant Terrible, the channel that made the trailer, also took us to an original location. This place, whatever it might be called, looks like the city had been built in an old canyon. Giving off an incredibly unique vibe compared to the original game.

As good as this trailer looks though, it is unfortunately not real. And there’s no guarantees we’ll ever get a sequel. As co-developer Japan Studio no longer exists.

Still, there’s always hope that the original game comes to PS5 and PC at least. And according to a leak from last month, it might not be too long until we find out if it does or not.

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YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/ Enfant Terrible