Bloodborne has been recreated in Minecraft and it’s amazing

Someone has recreated Bloodborne in Minecraft and it’s amazing. So, can we have officially licensed DLC already, please?

With its intriguing gothic architecture and landscapes, the city of Yharnam in Bloodborne is equally as eerie as it is beautiful.

Even if you lack skill at a game such as Bloodborne, it’s easy to be lured in and enticed by its immersive world.

Bloodborne in Minecraft is beautiful

However, a very skilled Minecraft player has taken that level of Yarnham immersion to the next level.

The talented Minecraft player in question is Potomy. Unsurprisingly an enthusiastic fan of FromSoftware’s cult classic, Potomy has recreated some of Bloodborne’s most iconic structures to a stunning level of detail.

bloodborne minecraft
Credit: Potomy

In fact, the recreations of Yharnam in Minecraft look so close to its real counterpart, you might have to double glance to ensure it’s not actually Bloodborne that you’re admiring. Like seriously, words cannot do the talents of Potomy the justice they deserve.

Do you want to see more of Bloodborne in Minecraft?

Thankfully Potomy has shared their stunning recreations of Bloodborne across their social media pages such as Twitter and YouTube.

Screenshots can also be found via Potomy’s Twitter pages, while their YouTube channel has some quite mesmerising time-lapse videos of how the recreations came to be.

YouTube video

Bloodborne looks glorious on PS1!

In related Bloodborne news, a talented indie developer created a demake of the iconic FromSoftware title inspired by the PlayStation era.

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Featured Image Credit: Potomy/Source: GameFreaks365