Will we ever get this remaster?

Bloodborne Rumours Once Again Say A PS5 Remaster Is On The Way

A rumour has once again claimed that a Bloodborne remaster is on the way for PlayStation 5, and it will arrive this year.

Rumours of Bloodborne getting a PS5 remaster are nothing new, as it seems like new rumours resurface every other month. That said, as the old saying goes: “there’s no smoke without fire” or at least we hope so in this case.

The latest rumours come via the French Twitter account of SoulsHunt. Now, we must say that all rumours must be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when no information on sources is detailed.

Credit: Sony/FromSoftware

Roughly translated by Google, in a tweet posted on June 19th, SoulsHunt said: “Many are waiting for a sequel to Bloodborne, but that won’t happen.

FS [FromSoftware] prefers to focus on new IPs. However, Bloodborne will be released this year on PS5 (later on PC)! The remaster is not developed by Bluepoint nor FS but is ambitious.

Lance McDonald, a renowned modder and out-of-bounds hacker chimed in on the topic of the Bloodborne PS5 remaster. “This is incorrect”, responding to the rumours.


The person saying Bloodborne is getting a remaster is not the person who initially leaked Final Fantasy Origin and has no track record as being a primary source for any leak ever.


In response to Lance McDonald’s tweet, SoulsHunt replied: “Final Fantasy Origin was first talked on Era, through Navtra, when she mentioned that a new Final Fantasy game is coming And… yes? I never said I’m the primary source of any of my leaks.

I’m just talking about stuff I heard and can share. Not working in the industry lol


At the moment, until we see concrete evidence, the reports are mere hearsay. However, whether it’s a proper retail release or a PS5 patch for the base PS4 version of Bloodborne, we’d love to see a remaster one day.

Would you like to see a remaster of Bloodborne on PlayStation 5? Let us know across our social media channels.

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