Booting up your Xbox console just got much quicker

A recent update has been released quietly for the Xbox Series X/S, and now the consoles boot up a little faster, according to Xbox Insiders.

Current-gen consoles already boot up incredibly fast. Part of the attraction to modern consoles is how quickly you can get to gaming. With loading screens almost being a thing of the past, we now get to spend more time than ever gaming on our consoles, instead of waiting around.

Microsoft wanted to streamline starting up your Xbox Series X/S even more, and according to The Verge, has quietly rolled out an update which cuts the start-up time in half. You can see the differences in the tweet below.

On July 23rd, Eden Marie, an Engineering Lead at Xbox, reached out to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed the quicker bootup times, which have been available to Xbox Inside users.

It was later confirmed by John Munsee, the Director of Xbox Integrated Marketing that the boot-up times have in fact been shortened.

Munsee explained that they created, “a shorter boot up animation (~4s) from the original boot up animation (~9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time”.

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The New Boot-Up Times Aren’t Just for the Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox One hasn’t been forgotten about either. It too is booting up noticeably faster, along with the new changes.

Senior Product Manager Lead Jake Rosenberg, also confirmed on Twitter that the Xbox One generation of consoles are also noticeably booting up faster since the changes were made.

This update, for now, is just reserved for Xbox Insiders, but it should shortly be available for the wider Xbox player base.

Many of us may not notice the update to the boot-up when it’s widely accessible, as the Series X/S run mostly in standby mode. Standby mode can be excited in a matter of seconds, so the new boot-up times will only be noticeable to those who regularly turn off their consoles.

However, any changes to get you gaming as fast as possible are more than welcome.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft.  Source: The Verge.

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