Borderlands 3 Giving Players Guaranteed Legendary Weapon Hauls

Events in Borderlands are fairly commonplace, but can quite often be rather hit and miss when it comes to how important they actually are. Gearbox Software has really gone all out with the latest Door Busters event and it is surely going to be a big hitter with the Borderlands player community.

Door Busters is technically part of the wider month-long event called Co-Op Loot Drop, which will be running until April 30. During the month, if you team up with either one or two other companions and manage to gun down any Badass enemy, you will receive some extra loot in the enemies drop.

What makes the event unique is that the standard wares that can be found in vending machines have now been replaced by gold-tier wares. The machines will only contain one item of gear which will scale up to your character level – should you have a level of Mayhem turned on.

Marcus’ Munitions vendors will only have one weapon, Ammo Dumps carry a single grenade and Zed’s Meds will contain one shield and a class mod. Sounds good right? Well, it does not come cheap. The prices for these legendary items are not favourable and the reset counters for the vendors have been elongated.

There are ways around this undesirable reset timer though. Users have found certain farming locations ideal when it comes to hoarding the legendary items. Devil’s Razor and Floodmoor Basin have been cited as areas designed for farming. The loot reset on the vending machines is reliant on you quitting out of the game and re-loading your game again in order for the items to respawn. These farming locations provide a paradise location to avoid loading screens. You have the ability to access up to six vending machines at a time without having to quit and reload – heavenly.

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Credit: Gearbox Software

April looks like it will be a loot-filled month for Borderlands fans and Door Busters is an event that may be the most profitable when it comes to loot-hoarding. The event runs until 9am on Thursday, April 2 – so grab the items whilst you can.

[Featured Image Credit: Gearbox Software]