This Gaming Chair Will Keep You Comfortable During Quarantine

With the world currently stuck inside, people everywhere have finally been given the go-ahead to enjoy immersing themselves into their favourite video games. After all, who needs to go outside when you can spend countless hours completing a solid campaign? While you may have already found your dedicated spot on the sofa, sometimes only the best is good enough – and if you want to ensure optimum concentration on the games that require your attention, the sofa isn’t going to quite cut it.

Delivering incredible comfort in a time when we all need it most, the iPrograming Gaming Chair may just be the perfect purchase right now to allow you the maximum level of comfort whilst you game for hours on end. Sit in one of the best gaming chairs around, all day, every day (if we have to)! 

Serving two purposes, the much-needed comfort for your ‘work from home’ station and of course – for all the extra hours we can finally spend on gaming. The iPrograming Gaming Chair is the perfect addition to your home set-up. After all, we might as well spend countless hours on our video calls in style. 

High quality and with a special ergonomic design, the chair features boast benefits that not only aid your comfort, but that also support improved posture too. The seat and the armrests are infinitely adjustable in height, and the backrest can be adjusted up to almost 180°, with a rocking mechanism, allowing you to sink into your favourite games. 

While the sofa is definitely inviting, after a prolonged amount of time the lack of support definitely takes its toll on my back. The great thing about this gaming chair is that the back support provided by this gaming chair allows me to both sit in a comfortable and natural position for a prolonged period of time without having to be constantly restless to find that comfy spot. 

For superior comfort, the iPrograming Gaming Chair comes additionally with a supportive neck pillow, and a lumbar cushion; an ergonomic cushion, made from memory foam which supports the back, a winner for those long gameplay sessions. 

With a modern, stylish aesthetic, the chair has a striking black and blue colouration – the Gaming ‘come home office’ swivel chair may just be the thing we need most right now.

Key features – we’ve looked at, so you don’t have to: 

  • Backrest tilt function of up to 180 degrees
  • In-built swivel 
  • In-built tilt mechanism 
  • Seat Height Adjustment 
  • Additional adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Additional adjustable neck and shoulder Support
  • Adjustable armrests 
  • Adjustable base 
  • Infinite height adjustment of seat & armrests 
  • Easy assembly – with instructions included 

The iProgramming Gaming Chair can be found for just £99.99 over on the GameByte shop. Make sure to check it out here!