Borderlands 3 Release Date Confirmed By Gearbox

Borderlands 3, Borderlands 3, Borderlands 3. Right now the gaming world can’t get enough of Gearbox’s newly-announced title, which is lucky, because we just got a brand new announcement from the team behind one of the most highly-anticipated games of the last decade.

Gearbox has confirmed that the game will be releasing September 13 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Credit: Gearbox

It’s not yet known whether or not it’ll be an Epic Games exclusive, but the Epic Store logo can be seen at the end of the announcement trailer, suggesting yeah, it probably is.

Credit: Gearbox

That’s not the only Borderlands info though…

Fans recently uncovered some supposed box art for the upcoming game. Instead of confirming or denying the leak when it first happened, Gearbox instead offered up a cryptic tweet, saying: “How do you do, fellow gamers? This sure looks neat! Guess we all better tune in tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. PT to find out if it’s real…” Well. We didn’t. So thanks for that, Gearbox.

Credit: Gearbox

“Neat” is an understatement, as everyone and their moms are stunned by the gorgeous art.


Are you hyped for this?




Featured Image Credit: Gearbox