Devil May Cry 5 Update Removes Butt Censorship

Capcom’s mega-successful Devil May Cry 5 received little criticism when it launched, but one thing players really didn’t appreciate was the censoring of Trish’s butt.

Keeping it as spoiler-free as possible here, at one point in the game Dante scoops up a naked Trish following an epic battle but her rear end is artistically covered with a light spot. Unfortunately, this censoring was only present in the Western versions of the game, whereas Japan never bothered to conceal the bum.

Credit: Capcom

It seems the latest update to DMC5 has exposed Trish’s booty in all its glory, because if you’re old enough to slay demons then you’re old enough to see a butt, presumably.

You can check out this video to see the newly-uncensored cutscene [via TwistedVoxel].

The new update for the game, which introduced a survival mode called ‘Bloody Palace,’ sneakily exposed Trish’s behind without much of a fanfare.

As of yet, it’s not clear if any other of the game’s censored scenes have seen a NSFW ‘fix.’

Credit: Capcom

Sony in particular has been pretty strict when it comes to such content in games on its platform. Although Capcom hasn’t confirmed whether or not the censorship was done under pressure from anyone, it’s not really an unusual practise to see a little bit of censored butt, y’know, just in case.

Right now it looks like the new patch has been saved for US players only, with European players still experiencing the censorship.

Credit: Capcom

The patch has been something players have been asking for since DMC5 launched, with lots of people being pretty p*ssed at its inclusion.

Hopefully Europe will get a similar patch soon?



Featured Image Credit: Capcom