Bully Voice Actor Responds To Rumours Of A Sequel

Gerry Rosenthal, the voice behind Jimmy Hopkins, protagonist of the cult classic Bully from Rockstar Games, has commented on the perpetual rumours of a sequel that may not ever happen.

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Even since Bully released over 14 years ago in 2006 (yes, it’s really been that long), rumours of a sequel have never gone away. Last year the rumours arguably reached their peak in terms of persistence, and I very much expect the rumours to continue on into the new console generation.

However back in July, Rosenthal appeared on the Awfully Irish podcast where he was asked about the persistent rumours of a Bully sequel. 

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He was asked if he knew whether Rockstar Games was making a sequel and if so, had he been contacted to reprise the role of Jimmy Hopkins. As you might expect, it wasn’t positive news.

Rosenthal confirmed that not only has he heard no news in regards to a Bully 2, neither has he been contacted to reprise the role. However, he did say that he once expected Rockstar Games to make the sequel, and he thought it could tell a fun story of Jimmy living the college life.  

Jimmy with a slingshot in Bully game
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If you thought that Rosenthal might be playing dumb due to him signing an NDA, sadly that is not the case, at least according to Rosenthal, as he claims no NDA has been signed with Rockstar Games.

As we lead into the new console generation with GTA V getting a next-gen port, and with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 being the most recent game from Rockstar Games, we’re desperate for more details. If you’ve been following all the other rumours, it’s likely that GTA VI will be the next game from the studio. If there was ever going to be a Bully 2, it will likely be deep into the new console generation.

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Credit: Rockstar Games

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