Enjoy 10 Nostalgic Video Game Moments To Make You Go ‘Oooh’

Nostalgia is a feeling hard to describe but when you feel it, it’s nothing short of an “Oooh” moment. In honour of such a terrible year, we’re taking a look at some of the most impactful moments from our favourite games of yesteryear – and the “Oooh” moments are guaranteed! Enjoy these 10 nostalgic video game moments from your childhood.

Sonic 2 Intro Screen

The intro screen for Sonic 2
Credit: SEGA

Look at this! Just LOOK at it! Nothing makes us swoon harder than the intro screen to 1992’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Whether you played the original on your Sega Genesis, or if you picked up a port down the line (I used to play this on my iPod Classic back in the early 2000s), this is one of those images that you can just hear – and we love it!

Stepping outside of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7

Map from Final Fantasy 7
Credit: Square Enix

“Leaving Midgar in itself was a wondrous thing as someone that had never played an RPG before,” gushes Brett from GameByte.

“You spent so many hours exploring Midgar that it felt like it could be a full game (…which is probably why Final Fantasy VII Remake did what it did).The area around introduces you to a few new places to explore, has some iconic story beats (finding out more of a backstory to Sepiroth really helped set him up as the antagonist for the rest of the game).

“Then, just as you thought this was it and you could explore the world like you did Midgar, the Midgar Zolom blocks your path and completely destroys you if you’re not careful.The whole area develops the story superbly and adds a sense of wonder to exploring the rest of the world… Which is good because there’s a lot to explore!”

Skateboarding level in Spyro 3

YouTube video

A game that doesn’t need an introduction, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, a.k.a Spyro 3, is home to one of the most exciting and fun levels we ever played as kids. Skateboarding around as dragon was both thrilling and challenging in this 2000 classic, and we still remember it to this day. (For added nostalgia, click the video above!)

Leaving your parents to handle Mr Resetti in Animal Crossing

Mr Resetti shouting at a villager
Credit: Nintendo

“Forget Dead Rising, Rule of Rose and Dracula – Animal Crossing: Wild World was the scariest horror game of 2005,” Sara from GameByte says.

“Mr Resetti gave me nightmares as a kid and I would run to my mum in floods of tears about how the mean mole was going to reset my town. She’d have to skip through all his dialogue for me whilst I stood there, a sobbing mess.”

Whistling in The Sims (and this Thumbnail)

YouTube video

The Sims is a whopping 20 years old now, and if you’ve been playing it since 2000 then this video thumbnail should be a VERY familiar image. The Sims was actually a pretty tough game and fires, burglaries and skunks were common fare. Your sims probably went through more bull in your young hands than they deserved, but at least they never had to experience the horror of 2020.

The above clip comes from this video by YouTuber SariaFan93, and it’s worth checking out. When you hear your sims whistle that oh-so-familiar riff, it really does warm the heart even more-so than that kitchen fire does. Check out the video above!

Being a mean bully in Bully

School kids vandalising in Bully
Credit: Rockstar Games

Over in the UK this Rockstar Games classic was given the name “Canis Canem Edit” or “dog eat dog,” but across this world this 2006 title will forever be known as “Bully.” One of the most adored Rockstar titles ever, you played as tough kid Jimmy Hopkins as you fumbled your way through your new school life. From beating up kids, flirting with girls and using lots of definitely inappropriate language, it’s easy to see why Bully just makes you go “Oooh.” Will Rockstar return to this beloved IP? It’s hoped so!

Everything In Simpsons Hit n Run

Homer driving in Simpsons Hit n Run
Credit: Vivendi Games

Although I technically do prefer me some The Simpsons Road Rage, Hit n Run is definitely where the true nostalgia lies. One of the greatest TV-to-video game adaptations of our time, The Simpsons Hit n Run delivered fast-paced and often challenging gameplay with everyone’s favourite yellow family. From hunting down unlockables to exploring Springfield, this was a true icon of its era.

Clearing The Lon Long Ranch Fence In Zelda Ocarina of Time

Epona jumping with Link
Credit: Nintendo

Ocarina of Time has a bunch of these “Oooh! Nostalgic video game!” moments. From the first time you enter Hyrule Field to the first time you jump off the cliff when rupee-hunting in Zora’s Domain. There’s a lot of nostalgia packed into that small grey cartridge. I’m focusing on the moment when you best Ingo and escape on the back of Epona. With a running jump you escape Lon Long Ranch with Epona, and it’s a magical moment that makes your heart soar. Dunno if you agree, but 3D gaming is pretty darn cool.

The games you couldn’t play

We might be cheating here, but everyone has a soft spot for the games they couldn’t play…right? Maybe you had to go to your friend’s house because you weren’t allowed your own copy of Capcom’s Dino Crisis, or maybe renting Playboy: The Mansion from your local Blockbuster just wasn’t allowed. We might not have gotten our hands on them at the time, but these titles are still nostalgic video game fuel! We all had a childhood game that was a big no-no from the parents, so here’s to those!

Playing with friends

As touched on above, there was always something so magical about going round to your mate’s house, booting up their original PlayStation, Nintendo 64 or Xbox, and settling in to some two player couch co-op. Sleepovers, snacks and Spyro abound, these were the highlights of our childhoods.

Sure we can couch co-op now, but it’s just not the same as it used to be. Figuring out puzzles is now easy thanks to Google, whereas back in the day we had to figure it out with friends. Those days might be gone, but we’ll always remember them fondly.

Hey you made it all the way to the end of the list! Here, have some bonus nostalgic video game goodies. You deserve them!

Woman racing in Splashdown 2
Credit: THQ
Angelic and lil with cookies
Credit: THQ
Pokemon mini game with lickitung
Credit: Nintendo

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