Buyers Are Reportedly ‘Fighting Back’ Against Console Resellers

Reports are coming in from Canada that console resellers are being ‘scammed’ by fake buyers, in what could be seen as karma.

Xbox consoles side by side
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As expected with the launch of the Xbox Series X|S and PS5, many people (and bots) have been purchasing the consoles at their RRP only to sell online for a profit. It’s an awful thing to do, and has left lots of gamers either empty-handed or out of pocket. Now, the resellers themselves are seemingly seeing some revenge.

In a tweet made by the Toronto Police Operations [via TheGamer], the authorities have said that numerous reports have been made of people being robbed when “selling game systems online”.

It’s not said specifically that the resellers are being robbed when selling PS5’s or Xbox Series X|S consoles, but considering that we are in the launch of the next-gen consoles, it’s a pretty obvious assumption to make.

It also appears that the game systems in question are being handed over to the ‘buyer’ in person, and this is where the robberies are taking place. In some cases, violence and weapons are reportedly being used.

In a follow-up tweet, the Toronto Police Operations Twitter account also advised would-be sellers to “meet in a public place”, do not “give out personal information” and always “bring someone with you.

The practice of reselling highly sought-after products, often in mass quantities, to make huge profits is something which doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

During the launch of the new console generation, resellers have bought PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, and in some cases are using bots to acquire multiples, to then sell them for hundreds if not thousands over their RRP.

Resellers have even been sharing photos of mass quantities of next-gen consoles across social media, excited at the huge profits that they are about to make at the expense of desperate buyers.

To say that console resellers are looked at very unfavourably, especially during a time where so many people are struggling financially as we lead up to Christmas, is an understatement.

So quite understandably, many are not sympathetic towards resellers being robbed – even when violence has occurred.

This may sound insensitive but it’s kinda Karma” tweeted one follower. “It’s hard to feel sorry for these people. Greed is an Ugly thing.

Personally I do not like resellers working for profit, but I do not condone the violence. However if you are selling anything online – unless you know the buyer – try to make all sales online only, and use postal or courier services when you can (especially given the pandemic).

So whatever you’re selling online please stay safe, and check out the GameByte Shop for safe online buying of all the latest games and consoles!

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