Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13 Introduces Festive Fun

Call of Duty: Mobile is celebrating its 13th season and to mark the occasion Activision and TiMi Studios have launched a wealth of festive new content.

Season 13, dubbed “Winter War,” has introduced two new maps in Nuketown Russia and Raid Holiday. 

Call of duty mobile festive update
Credit: Activision

Both maps are celebrating the Christmas spirit, with the popular Nuketown map going the extra mile and introducing Russian-themed winter environments and festive holiday decorations.

Existing map Ski Town has also been lavished with the festive celebrations and now includes new winter buildings, a snowboard vehicle and a ski course.

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With the introduction of Winter War, new rewards are earnable in-game such as a wealth of Soviet themed weapon and vehicle skins as well as Reznov Winterwood as an unlockable character.

As with any new Call of Duty season, new battle passes will also arrive both free and paid for.

For the free Battle Pass, if you reach Tier 14 you will unlock the EMP System Scorestreak and by achieving Tier 21 will earn you the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle.

Call of duty mobile festive update
Credit: Activision

By picking up the Premier Battle Pass you can unlock 50 tiers of content rewarding you with items such as new Operator skins including Golem – Siberia, new weapons, skins and more.

You can read up on all the season 13 “Winter War” content over on the Activision Blog.

Call of duty mobile festive update
Credit: Activision

Since Call of Duty: Mobile launched towards the end of 2019, the mobile shooter has continued to rise in popularity, and this festive update is sure to impress.

As of June 2020, Call of Duty: Mobile has received over 250 million downloads and generated over $327 million in earnings.

Call of Duty: Mobile also has a strong esports presence with the World Championship Tournament rewarding its players with more than $1 million in total prizes.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision