Season 2 incoming!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Guns & Modes Reportedly Leaked

The upcoming Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has reportedly suffered its first leak, as the guns and modes have allegedly been revealed.

As always with leaks, take them with a pinch of salt until we hear confirmation from Activision and/or Infinity Ward.

Credit: Activision

The rumours stem from known CoD leaker, The Gaming Revolution, who this time is claiming that One in the Chamber and All or Nothing may be added to the game.

YouTube video

The YouTuber goes on to claim that quite a few new weapons will be added to the game as well. These are supposedly going to include the Ballistic Knife, a new SMG and a new LMG.

It’s also claimed that the highly-anticipated (though yet to be confirmed) battle royale mode has been delayed. In fact, it’s being claimed that we won’t be getting it at all this season, with next season looking more likely.

Credit: Activision

As always with leaks, take them with a pinch of salt until we hear confirmation.

In other CoD rumours, players have spotted a new Easter egg that could suggest fan-favourite character, Simon “Ghost” Riley, might be making a comeback to the series, potentially as a new playable operator.

The rumour comes from Reddit, where one user pointed out that the game’s latest update has just introduced something very suspicious to the screens in the Piccadilly map.

Credit: Activision / YouTube Thewetfishface

As one Redditor commented on the thread, the appearance of this figure is nothing new to the game, though this is the first time he’s appeared on the big screen.

“If you hadn’t seen the TV glitch before now, he was on the TVs in the game before,” says the user. “Now on the big screen. Teases like this tend to happen about two weeks from release of the teased content. Unless there are more teases I would expect him soon.”

Featured Image Credit: Activision