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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Goes Live, Fixes Major Bugs

If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare then we have some great news for you, because Activision and Infinity Ward have already scrubbed the game of a lot of its worst bugs.

In a recently-released update a number of the game’s most annoying bugs have been patched from the game. Check out the full patch notes right here.

Credit: Activision

Highlights include fixes to “prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms,” an issue “where Tac Inserts could cause players to spawn out of bounds,” and – thankfully – third person footsteps have now been “tamed down.” Hooray.


Other errors fixed by the patch include that annoying thing where enemies can hear callouts, weapon tunings, spawn updates and more.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of bugs that players are encountering in the game. As always, make sure to report your bugs through the proper channels to ensure that Infinity Ward can get to working on a fix!

In other Modern Warfare news, a player has seemingly discovered a whopping 38 maps that are set to enter the game in the future.

Credit: Activision

As shared to the Modern Warfare subreddit, a user by the name of Senescallo has uncovered a range of maps, including “Exclusion Zone, Shipment, Smetna Farms, and more.”

In the very detailed post, the user goes on to share some details about the maps, and writes that the following maps will be 6v6 and 10v10:

  • Aniyah Tac (mp_aniyah_tac)
  • Crash (mp_crash2)
  • Dam (mp_dam)
  • Krovnik Farmland (mp_farms2)
  • Gulag (mp_gulag)
  • Hospital (mp_hospital)
  • Layover (mp_layover)
  • Lowline (mp_lowline)
  • Lumber (mp_lumber)
  • Malyshev (mp_malyshev)
  • Milbase (mp_millbase)
  • Oasis (mp_oasis)
  • Port (mp_port2)
  • Prison (mp_prison)
  • Rivne (mp_rivne)
  • Shipment (mp_shipment)
  • Shipmight (Day) (mp_shipment_am)
  • Shipment (Night) (mp_shipment_pm)
  • Slums (mp_slums)
  • Stadium (mp_stadium)
  • Sub Base (mp_subbase_lm)
  • Super (mp_super)
  • Urzikstan (mp_syrkistan)
  • Torez (mp_torez)
  • Transit (mp_transit)
  • TV Station (mp_tvstation)
Credit: Activision

Seems like Modern Warfare is only set to get bigger and better!


Featured Image Credit: Activision