Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Wants You To Question Your Morality

The next addition to the Call of Duty franchise is dropping later this year, and the more we hear about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the more exciting it seems to get.

We’ve so far been told that the game will aim to tug on your heartstrings a lot more than any previous title in the series. Along with dealing with deeper and darker themes, the game is also likely to be one of the most violent CoD games in history, which is definitely something that’s intrigued a lot of gamers.

Credit: Activision

In a recent interview with PlayStation Magazine [via WCCFTech], two of the game’s key developers sat down to discuss the darker tones of the game.

Former Naughty Dog developers, Taylor Kurosaki and Jacob Minkoff (who worked on the likes of the Uncharted series and The Last of Us) now serve as the Narrative Director and Campaign Gameplay Director of the next CoD.

Credit: Activision

Kurosaki told PlayStation Magazine: “What does Modern Warfare mean in 2019? It means the battlefield is blurrier than ever.

“It means enemies don’t wear uniforms, it means that collateral damage is a real part of the equation. People having to make split-second life-or-death decisions.”

Minkoff added: “If we’re going to tell a story about characters finding their line and being pushed past [it], feeling like things are morally grey and they’re uncomfortable with it, then we need to make the player, in gameplay, feel uncomfortable. We’re going to make you question your own morality as a player.”

Credit: Activision

This is definitely sounding like a CoD title that’s going to appeal to more than just the hardcore existing fans of the franchise.

According to the game’s description: “In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players will be thrust into an immersive narrative spanning the entire game.

Credit: Activision

“Players can experience the ultimate online playground with classic multiplayer or squad-up and play cooperatively in a collection of elite operations, accessible to all skill levels.”

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare arrives October 25th, 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Activision