Silent Hill 2 Remake Voice Actor Hints At A Potential Release Date

With news of the Silent Hill 2 Remake being on the quiet side, its main voice actor may have just revealed a release date for the survival horror.

First released back in 2001, a remake for Konami and Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 is definitely long-awaited. However, despite the project being announced back in October 2022, news and marketing has been sparse.

That is until now. Voice actor Luke Roberts, who plays James Sunderland in the horror game, has leaked a potential release date over on Instagram. 

Silent Hill 2 Remake Voice Actor Hints At Potential Release Date

This news comes courtesy of video games forum ResetEra who saw one of its users message Roberts on Instagram. In the app’s direct messages, the user asked the voice actor “When is Silent Hill 2 coming.”

Roberts simply replied, “Early next year I believe…” 

Silent Hill 2 Remake Potential Release Date "Early next year"
Credit: ResetEra

Although this date has yet to be confirmed by Konami and Bloober Team, we can assume the game’s main actor would have an inkling of the game’s release date. However, we do have to take this with a pinch of salt. 

Despite that, this time frame does make sense. Although some fans hoped we would be seeing the remake this year, 2024 is not that far away. Additionally, it would give the developers time to release more news and trailers for the game later this year. 

A True Horror

With 2023 being a good year for the horror genre with the successful release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, it would be nice to see this continued for the Silent Hill franchise. 

With no update to the series since Silent Hill: Downpour back in 2012, it has been a long time coming. Hopefully the Silent Hill 2 Remake will live up to the expectations it earned during its first release over twenty years ago. 

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