Call Of Duty Vanguard Trophy List Leaked, Have A Look

Call of Duty: Vanguard is just a few mere days away and many fans are eager to learn about the trophies that they’ll be able to collect in the game.

Despite the game launching later this week, we don’t yet know a great deal about the trophies for the Multiplayer or Zombies modes. However, early leaks have revealed some of the tasks that Sledgehammer would like us to complete while playing the Vanguard campaign. The leak was originally spotted by AltChar, although the leaker’s Twitter account has since been suspended.

There are 31 trophies to collect in total while playing through Vanguard’s single player mode. Sadly, we’re not quite sure which of the 31 are Bronze, Silver, or Gold trophies. Some of them seem easier than others, while a lot of the trophies can be earned by simply completing campaign missions. Warning, some of the trophy titles and descriptions may contain spoilers for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard Campaign Trophies

Here’s the full list of Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign trophies:

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words – In Operation Tonga, protect Evans with quick reflexes.
  • Allies together, Strong – In The Fourth Reich, use Leadership to help takedown a Jager Morder.
  • Behind You – In Lady Nightingale, take out all of Steiner’s troops in the department using only takedowns. 
  • Beware of Trains – In Phoneix, shoot a truck driver with a vehicle full of soldiers.
  • Bird of Prey – In Lady Nightingale, kill 5 snipers across the open field without getting hit.
  • Chock-a-Block – As Lucas, get 3 kills with four different lethal equipment.
  • Couldn’t have done it without you – Watch the credits to completion.
  • Did I get ’em? – In the Campaign, get 15 kills using Blind Fire.
  • Duck and Dive – In the Battle of Midway, avoid getting hit by bullets during the first Dive-Bomb
  • F – In Campaign, Kill yourself with your own grenade.
  • Gotta try them all! – In Campaign, kill enemies with 15 different weapons throughout the game. 
  • Heightened Senses – As Wade, kill 15 enemies using the focus ability. 
  • Leaving an Impression – In the battle of El Alamein, get run over by a tank. 
  • Legend in the Making – In Stalingrad, protect the Partisans without missing a shot.
  • Munition Magpie – In Campaign, scavenge ammo from 15 enemy corpses within 3 seconds of killing them.
  • Not Your Fairy Godmother – In Campaign, throw 15 grenades that would have killed or damaged your allies. 
  • OH YEAH! – In Campaign, walk through 5 destructible walls.
  • Only You Can Prevent Friendy Casualities – In Operation Tonga, throw smoke to provide cover for the charge from the anti-tank ditch. 
  • Order In Chaos – In the Fourth Reich, go through the level without shooting any civilians or any instances of friendly fire. 
  • Phoenix Extinguished – Beat Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Campaign on any difficulty. 
  • Pied Piper – In the Rats of Tobruk, lead the Rats through the desert without getting detected. 
  • Pop goes the Nightingale – As Polina, kill 15 enemies immediately after emerging from a crawlspace.
  • Rain of Fire – In Stalingrad, Land a Molotov Cocktail atop of a full Halftrack. 
  • Slow But Deadly – In the Battle of Midway, help 5 threatened Allies during the dogfight.
  • She’ll be Right Mate – In the battle of El Alamein, get twice as many kills as Des during the final defend. 
  • Shot Caller – Give 15 different commands to your allies as Arthur.
  • Survivalist – In Numa Numa Trail, find Mateo without firing a bullet. 
  • That’s Definitely Not a Knife – In the Rats of Tobruk, shoot down the Stukka with what you have.
  • Ticket Please – In Phoenix, kill 15 enemies while standing atop a train car roof. 
  • The Tip of the Spear – Beat the Campaign on Veteran difficulty. 
  • Untouchable – In Numa Numa Trial, avoid getting hit by the sniper. 

Some are easier than Others

As always, some of these trophies seem far easier to collect than others. There’s also some neat easter eggs in there for fans to enjoy. A particularly funny one is the trophy simply titled “F” in which you die by your own grenade. This is in reference to the hilarious mishap of Advanced Warfare in 2014 from which the “Press F To Pay Respects” meme was born.

YouTube video

There’s also a Family Guy reference in the trophy “OH YEAH!”. This tasks players with smashing through five different walls with the new destructible environment technology found in Vanguard. It’s in reference to the Kool Aid Man from Family Guy who frequently bursts through walls at opportune moments.

YouTube video

Another easy trophy on the list is “Couldn’t have done it without you”. This is a wholesome nod to the development team at Sledgehammer games whose names can all be found in the credits of the game. A lot of players are unlikely to ever sit through game credits, which is a shame. Especially when some developers appear to be leaving staff out of credits, it’s great to see a little incentive to show some appreciation for the people who create our beloved games.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to release on November 5th. There’s currently no word on the Multiplayer or Zombies trophies, but we’ll keep you posted on GameByte when those lists do drop.

Will you be looking to collect all of the Call of Duty Vanguard trophies? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]