Call Of Duty: Warzone World Record Smashed With 162 Kills In A Single Game

A squad has set a new world record for the number of kills in a single game of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Image from COD Warzone
Credit: Activision

The new-recording breaking number was a mighty impressive 162 kills in a single game, smashing the previous record of 143 kills!

It’s also worth bearing in mind the lobby was filled with 150 players, which means that the squad got more kills than players that spawned into the map.

call of duty
Credit: Activision

The squad in Warzone was led by American streamer Aydan Conrad in a 2v2 $500 wager between four competitive friends, which was split into two teams with each player throwing $125 into the pot.

New Squad World Record of 162 kills w/ScummN, Almxnd & TBE_newbzz in $500 wager. This will NEVER be broken…” said Aydan in a tweet.

Following the record-breaking match, Aydan spoke about how the match went from friendly competition into something they never expected to happen.

I was casually playing some wagers, this was a $500 dollar pot wager, we had $125 dollars each player put in. It was a 2v2, me and Almxnd versus Newbz and ScummN. We started playing and we were frying everybody, man,” said Aydan [via Gamingbible].

He continued: “I noticed at one point I was at 21 kills with like, 90 [players] left or something or 100 left. It was kind of nuts. So as we’re going through this wager we’re noticing we’re at like 70 kills – we’re on the squad world-record-breaking potential.

So we’re all just like ‘screw it’ – we just start popping UAVs. And at this point none of us even care about the wager; we’re just playing to try to maybe break the world record.

Aydan did die a few times during the match of Warzone but was able to return to the fight after winning his encounters in Gulag.  After that, the rest of what happened was history in the making.

Aydan kindly put together a highlight video of the record-breaking Warzone match, which you can enjoy below. Congrats to Aydan and his friends for the epic achievement!

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Activision