Ghosts In Phasmophobia Just Got A Lot More Terrifying With New Update

The latest update for indie ghost hunting sensation Phasmophobia has now gone live, and it makes the game even more terrifying with ghosts not only now able to open doors, but also stalk you!

Phasmophobia ghost
Credit: Kinetic Games

The new update, which is live right now, allows the spirits to open doors to rooms, closets, and lockers.

Players can attempt to stop the ghost from opening the door by holding onto the handle, but don’t forget, these are ghosts, so they can still travel through walls.

ghost in phasmophobia
Credit: Kinetic Games

However, the horror doesn’t end there. Ghosts in Phasmophobia will now also stalk the players, even when you’ve seemingly lost sight of the ghost!

The ghosts will now continue to persue players around corners and, worst still, they will listen out for the sound of your voice to hunt you down, turning the tables on the players.

The improved AI will also allow the ghost to search the area where it last saw a player, rather than searching in random locations.

YouTube video

Before now, ghosts in Phasmophobia will pretty much wander aimlessly until they see a human player, but now their AI has been improved drastically. It will make a game that was already tense, next-level tense!

The latest update will also make adjustments to the Professional Difficulty, making it so that the players will not be informed if a ghost responds to players, as well as making various other tweaks and quality of life improvements.

Screenshot from Phasmophobia
Credit: Kinetic Games

There are a whole host of improvements and fixes made with the latest update and you can check out the full patch notes here.

Phasmophobia has been one of the major indie sensations in recent times and the developers at Kinetic Games have done an amazing job at updating and improving the game since it launched in 2020.

I’m still holding out in the hope that it will one day launch for consoles with crossplay. Fingers crossed!

Featured Image Credit: Kinetic Games