Cancelled Dragon-Themed RPG Scalebound Might Be Coming After All

The Xbox One exclusive Scalebound had the whole gaming community up in arms when it was announced back in 2017, and gamers were left pretty upset when the project was canned.

The dragon-themed RPG from PlatinumGames might not be dead in the water though if new reports are to be believed, as NintendoInsider has claimed the game will be headed to the Nintendo Switch.

Credit: PlatinumGames

“I have confidence in my sources to report that it is my understanding that Scalebound has been resurrected as a project to be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive,” the report says. “Given Microsoft’s previous involvement, it remains unclear to me whether development has been completely rebooted from scratch or, at the least, its ambition scaled back – seeing as it’s now destined for the nimble, but less powerful, portable home console.”

The publication also adds that it believes this is the project hinted at by Kinda Funny Games, when it teased a “game that’s thought to be dead that Nintendo’s reviving”.

Credit: PlatinumGames

Whether or not this is true is yet to be confirmed, but the rumours alone have sent the internet into a meltdown.

Industry insider, added fuel to the fire by saying this isn’t the first time she’s heard the rumour.

Meanwhile, God of War director Cory Barlog also tweeted his support for the game, showing that yes – there definitely is a place for Scalebound in the gaming community.

Credit: PlatinumGames

Not everyone is convinced that this is happening though…

Would you play Scalebound on the Switch?

Featured Image Credit: PlatinumGames