Cancelled Dune Game Finally Has A Release Date After 20 Years

A Dune video game that was previously cancelled is finally getting its long-awaited release 20 years after it began its development.

The Dune video game in question was a flying shooter that began development in 2001 and was to be released for the Game Boy Advanced. Sadly, a year later, the game was cancelled. Thankfully, capitalising on the recent Dune movie, it’s making a comeback.

Originally developed by Soft Brigade, the studio had lost its Dune license, but the property was still maintained by Cryo Interactive. So here we are, and in 2021, Elland: The Crystal Wars is finally getting its release for the GBA.

Furthermore, indie publisher Retro Room Games will be launching a Kickstarter campaign later this year. You can follow the Kickstarter campaign here to be notified when it’s ready to launch.

what is the story of Elland: The Crystal Wars?

According to the official press release: “Elland: The Crystal Wars is set in a harsh desert world on the outskirts of the Galaxy. With its mining activities and abundant minerals and crystals, Elland has transformed into a wealthy and beautiful planet.

Defeat the infamously aggressive Trafford who wants to use its financial muscle and military power to control Elland and intends to use all and any resources to get what it wants. Throw high damage bombs, long-range missiles, and unlimited ammo of Grays Cannon to defeat the enemy.

Credit: Retro Room Games

Elland: The Crystal Wars will feature:

  • Unreleased title on Game Boy Advance for more than 20 years
  • First-person flying shooter
  • Set in a harsh desert world on the outskirts of the Galaxy
  • Pilot a fighter ship and take care of several duties: escorting, guarding, destroying enemy ships and buildings, capturing vehicles, and collecting resources.
  • 23 huge missions
  • Weapons and power-ups: missiles, grays cannon, bombs…
  • Originally licensing Dune

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Featured Image Credit: Retro Room Games