Here’s What ‘The Last Of Us’ Would Look Like On PS1

Have you ever wanted a PS1 demake of The Last of Us? Today’s your lucky day. 

Last month YouTuber Rustic Games BR showed off a clip of their take on what a PS1 demake of The Last of Us would look like. It focuses on the museum scene, quite early on in the game, and is clearly riffing on the first Metal Gear Solid. Rusti Games BR even wrote “The Last of Us – Kojima Edition” in the description.

The demake is incredibly impressive. While only a short section is shown off, the video shows Joel knocking out enemies, throwing bottles, and even a first person view through a rifle. There’s even a functioning minimap that shows the enemies field of view, for tactical planning. The layout looks very faithful to the original map, but with some PS1 flair. If you listen closely, you’ll hear that the item pickup sound is ripped straight from Silent Hill.

Credit: Rustic Games BR

Rustic Games BR also seems to have a series of videos showing off a PS1 demake of Resident Evil 4, recreating the playstyle of the earlier games. 

The recent trend of PS1 demakes has been delightful to see. Solo indie developer 98DEMAKE has a whole host of demake games, ranging from Minecraft to GTA V. The playable demake of Bloodborne by Lilith Walther is one of the most impressive fan projects around. PS1 demakes are so interesting to me because they imagine a world similar to ours, but a little further behind. Hopefully the PS1 demake of The Last of Us isn’t the last one we see.

What game would you like to see have a PS1 demake? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog/ Rustic Games BR