Children Are Applying For A Job As A Professional Minecraft Landscaper

Children as young as 10 are applying for a job as a professional landscaper in Minecraft.

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Credit: Mojang

The position of a virtual landscape gardener in Minecraft is advertised by WhatShed [via PC Gamer].  The company is a UK-based retailer that specialises in everything related to gardening.

So I guess to keep up with the times, WhatShed is looking for a virtual landscape gardener in Minecraft that can offer clients creative feedback and advice in creating the perfect in-game garden.

Any would-be employees must have knowledge of Minecraft, have strong communication skills, have a creative flair, be confident in remote working, and experience in landscape gardening is preferable but not essential.

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Credit: Mojang

If you are successful in landing the position of the Minecraft landscape gardener, you can earn anything from £50 per hour and you can even negotiate your own rates.

As you can imagine, a lot of applicants who have enquired about this role are under the legal UK working age of 13 (for a limited number of hours). That hasn’t stopped them from putting in their best efforts to land their dream job though.

I have been playing Minecraft almost every day since I was 7. I am 10 now,” said applicant Emma.

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A 14-year-old even asked if they could get the job even if they don’t own a game console.  “Hello, can I participate if I do not have a game console and I am 14 years old?” asked Marrat.

I’m 12 is that okay…like I can work on weekends/6-7 on weekdays,” said Nick.

Knowing that experience in real landscape gardening is preferable, 15-year old Juan let WhatShed know that his dad owns a landscape gardening business:

My father owns his own landscaping business so I’m around gardening and landscaping a lot. I also have plenty of free time. Since I’m such a young age, kids will not feel creeped out as such as they would feel with a 30-to-40-year-old. As you can see I have all the skill sets and requirements for this job. Shoot me an email.

Credit: Mojang

So there’s your entertaining reading for the week! Are you tempted to apply for this job as a Minecraft landscaper?  

Personally, I’ll keep this information away from my 10-year-old son for the time being, but I suppose he could be the highest earner in our house.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang