China Sells The RE2 Remake Under The Name ‘First Day On The Job At The Police Station: Remake’

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is absolutely fantastic, but it’s banned in China for its heavy violence and gore. This is 2019 though, and it’s pretty darn hard to find a way to a keep a game out of your country, and Chinese vendors have sneakily found a way to still sell the game.

By putting copies of the game on their online stores, changing the title and whacking different box art up, various Chinese vendors are managing to get away with selling the RE2 remake. So, what kind of creative names is the game being sold under?

Credit: Capcom

Come Beat Me 2Fried Cold Rice 2January 25th and Biochemical Crisis are just a few of the names that have been discovered [via GameRant], but you really really can’t beat First Day on the Job at the Police Station: Remake. Honestly, Capcom need to rename the game to that officially.

Also. Here’s the box art [via Reddit].

Credit: Reddit

It’s also being reported that the RE2 remake can be bought in China under the name of completely different games, including indie title Little Nightmares and that game that no-one plays anymore, Plants vs. Zombies. 

Credit: Capcom

I wonder if I can get a copy shipped from China? That box art is so beautiful it deserves to be framed…


Featured Image Credit: Capcom/Reddit