Fallout 76 Is Being Given Away With $5 PS4 Thumb Grips

The people have spoken – Fallout 76 is a complete flop. Bugs, banned players, bad special editions, no NPCs and unpolished gameplay are just some of the fires Bethesda has had to try and put out, but this is it. It’s done.

Credit: Bethesda

The online multiplayer game is pretty much dead in the water, and retailers are struggling to get rid of their copies of the game – even resorting to ridiculous bundles to try and shift the units.

A Polish retailer recently came up with the ingenious idea to give away copies of the Bethesda title, completely free, with the purchase of £4 ($5 USD) thumb grips for the PlayStation 4 DualShock.

The deal sold out pretty quickly, but GRYOnline managed to grab a screenshot of the ‘bargain.’

Credit: X-Com


It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this. Earlier this year GameStop stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were giving away a brand-new copy of Fallout 76 with the purchase of used PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controllers.

Credit: Bethesda

Electronics store Saturn was also apparently including a copy of the game with sales of the Fallout 76 Xbox One bundle. If you picked up the bundle from a Saturn store, you’d get Fallout 76 twice, because why not have a physical AND a digital copy of the same (bad) game…?

Credit: Bethesda

Although Bethesda has released multiple patches and updates since the game launched last year, but it’s small potatoes in the scope of what’s being called a disaster of a Fallout game.

Are you a Fallout 76 fan, or should this game be sealed away in a vault…?

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda.