PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Is Going To Be More Emotional Than It Looks

Sony’s next PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone, should absolutely not be dismissed a ‘just another zombie game’ – at least if Sony boss Shawn Layden is to be believed.

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Days Gone, from developer SIE Bend Studio, is often referred to as ‘the one with loads of zombies.’ You probably remember its reveal trailer from E3 a few years ago, and its lacklustre reception from the gaming community.

Since then, we’ve seen a whole heap of footage, trailers, teasers and more, and yeah – it still looks like an action-based third-person game that has you escaping from the reanimated dead. Not very exciting, right?

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Well, no. It looks like there’s going to be a helluva lot more to Days Gone than you might believe, as Layden told Business Insider:

I believe we’ve done quite well [with narrative-driven exclusives]. I’m very happy with the “Spider-Man” game that went out last year. And looking forward, “Days Gone” is coming in a couple months. That’s not only compelling and gripping, but it will emotionally try you very hard. I think all those things we do really well.

“Compelling,” “gripping” and will “emotionally try you very hard”? Sounds an awful lot like we’re going to be getting the absolute best of Sony with this one – maybe even the next The Last of Us or God of War…?

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

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Days Gone releases April 26th 2019.

Will you be picking this up?

Featured Image Credit: SIE Bend Studio