Chivalry 2: Fight Knight Is Just The Beginning For The Medieval Brawler

For the first time since Chivalry 2 launched, Torn Banner Studios is bringing a seasonal event to the game in the form of ‘Fight Knight’.

As the spooky season rolls around, there’s no better way to get in the spirit than with some haunting video games. Chivalry 2 has you covered there with the latest update bringing a Halloween theme to much of the game’s content. Several of Chivalry II’s maps have been spookified with jack-o-lanterns scattered across the battlefields. Combined with the darkened lighting in many of the arenas, it’s a frightening place to be.

You can also dress your knights to look the part, though you won’t be doing much trick-or-treating. New cosmetic items can place pumpkins on your players head. The angry pumpkin has the biggest scare factor, but there are also ‘dead’ and ‘goofy’ variants to keep the mood light. Special Halloween themed masks are also included to add some pumpkin spice to the mix.

Credit: Torn Banner Studios/Tripwire

Take part in the biggest bar fight you’ve ever seen!

The Halloween themed content isn’t the only new addition to Chivalry 2, however. ‘Fight Knight’ marks the beginning of a long line of content that’s planned out until the end of 2022. Steve Piggot, the founder of Torn Banner Studios, says: “It’s going to feel like twice the experience that people purchased in the first place.”

One of the exciting new additions to Chivalry 2 is the new Brawl Mode. Imagine the most ruthless and unruly medieval bar fight and you’ve got some idea of how Brawl Mode plays out. Nothing is off limits, and there’s no such thing as foul play. You won’t be using your traditional blades and bows here – instead, everything is a weapon. Pick up and throw everything from chairs to goblets in a bid to come out on top as the mightiest medieval brawler.

Credit: Torn Banner Studios/Tripwire

New fighting styles for everyone!

If traditional bladed weapons are more your style, then you’ll appreciate the addition of the new Rapier weapon. It adds a new playstyle to Chivalry 2 that resembles the traditional art of fencing. Using the Rapier will involve being much more deliberate with nimble movement. You’ll be doing lots of ducking and diving while waiting for the opportune moment to strike. 

Where the Rapier is an elegant form of combat, headbutting is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Dismemberment has always been a staple of the Chivalry games, but losing both arms previously left you defenceless. Well not anymore. Now, you can use your noggin’ to headbutt enemies away, even after losing both arms. Doing so will stop you from bleeding to death, meaning you can fight on the battlefield for even longer.

Credit: Torn Banner Studios/Tripwire

All the customization!

Customisation is spreading even further than just Halloween decorations in this new update, too. There are now far more customisation options for almost all of the items in Chivalry 2. That includes most weapons and armours, and even your personal appearance. We’re particularly fans of the new moustache options that make our character look quite dashing.

Make your life count!

Last up in the Fight Knight update is another new mode that will excite fans. It’s called ‘Last Team Standing’ and will encourage players to be a little more careful about who and when they choose to attack. It’s a classic Chivalry experience that takes place in an open battlefield. The catch? Everyone only has one life. With each player’s life each having much more meaning, players will need to ensure that they make the most of their time alive on the battlefield. There’s no coming back from the dead in this mode, considerably raising the stakes.

Chivalry 2: Fight Knight looks to be a huge amount of new content for players, and it’s only just the beginning of what the team at Torn Banner has to offer fans. It’s out now across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S!

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