Chrono Cross Pip Guide – Radical Dreamers

We’re assuming our readers know who Pip is if they’ve found this Chrono Cross Pip guide. For the lucky ones who’ve only heard whispers of Pip, he’s a recruitable character in Chrono Cross Remaster – Radical Dreamers.

How To Recruit Him – Chrono Cross Pip Guide

Credit: Square-Enix

Pip can be encountered by finding him in a locked cage in the corner of Luccia’s lab. This encounter will be available whilst infiltrating Viper Manor (Another World). Whilst players won’t be able to recruit him just let, this encounter needs to happen to unlock the rest of his introduction.

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When players board the S.S. Invincible (Another World), they will also encounter Pip walking around the ship. Players simply need to keep track of him and chase him around the ship hold until he joins their party. Simple, right?

Statistics – Chrono Cross Pip Guide

Chrono Cross Pip Guide
Credit: Steam DB


  • White (Base Form)
  • White/Yellow/Blue (Angel and Archangel Form)
  • Black/Red/Green (Devil and Archdevil Form)
  • All Elements (Holy Beast Form)


  • Weapon: Glove
  • Weak Attack: Side Kick
  • Normal Attack: Flip Kick
  • Fierce Attack: Double flip kick

Pips Evolution – Chrono Cross Pip Guide

Pip’s evolution depends on which Element he’s used and seen in action including which elemental attacks he’s taken damage from during battle.

Once the amount of exposure or use count has hit the necessary number for evolution, Pip will evolve during battle to the corresponding form as stated under the Elements heading above providing that the battle rewards players with a Star Level.

Chrono Cross Pip Guide
Credit: Steam DB

Controlling evolutions

The best way to control Pip’s evolution is to assign the relevant elements for party members to use and use those Elements against matching enemies, thus exposing Pip to the elements needed for the desired evolution.

It’s not an exact science, but this is the best way to maximize the chances of getting the evolution players are hoping for.

Pip’s Angel evolutions have a stronger magic stat, whilst the Devil route specialises in physical damage. For those wanting some all-star action from Pip, choosing the Holy Beast form gives players the best of both worlds. It’s also the hardest form to unlock as Pip needs enough exposure to all elements.

Tech Skills

Pounce3Hurl body at the foe with all one’s might.
Soothe5Gently calm party to restore stamina and HP.
Canon Cannon7Uses a canon to blast himself at a selected target.
Pounce+47Hurl body at the foe with all one’s might.
Hell’sFury7Do the “wild thing” and go into a hellish rage.
Heaven Calls7Just give your opponent a gentle poke.
Chrono Cross Pip Guide
Credit: Steam DB

Weapons List

NameAtkHit %
Bone Glove4785
Copper Glove4986
Iron Glove5287
Mythril Glove5587
Granite Glove5988
Spectral Glove6489

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