Classic Japanese PS1 game is finally available in English language

22 years ago, Sony released its first-party game Aconcagua on the PS1 and thanks to a Canadian-based translator, it’ll soon be playable in English. 

22 years later, Sony’s Japan-exclusive PlayStation 1 game Aconcagua, is getting an English patch. Aconcagua is a point-in-click survival horror adventure game. Released originally In Japan on June 1st 2000, your plane crashes amongst the Andes Mountains.

You follow multiple survivors of the crash, which you can swap between in-game. Set in the fictitious country of Meruza, you must find a way to escape the treacherous mountaintops. All the while avoiding an onslaught of terrorists, the ones responsible for your plane’s demise. The entire area of Meruza, based on the real-life country of Mendoza, is facing political unrest.

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Sony’s Aconcagua PS1 English Patch Releasing July 11th


While similar games of the time had tank control mechanics and full exploration, Aconcagua made the unusual decision to be a point-and-click adventure game. 
Due to the success of other survival horror games at the time, Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, a US version of the game was assumed but never came to fruition.

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Reported at the time, Gamespot thought Acongua would get an upgraded look upon release overseas, especially as the PlayStation 2 was on its way.  Instead, Aconcagua remained a Japan-exclusive, only now getting an English patch thanks to Canadian-based translator, Hilltop.

Hilltop, also known for their work creating an English patch for Square’s Racing Lagoon, is behind Aconcagua’s English patch. Announced on his Twitter page, the English patch will be available this coming Monday.

I’m always blown away by the lengths fans go to when bringing Japan-exclusive games to a wider audience through translation. I’m a huge fan of SEGA’s Sakura Wars series but have only been able to experience the original games thanks to English patches released online. At times when studios forget about large amounts of their game libraries, translators like Hilltop reign supreme.

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