COD Black Ops Blackout Beta Already Receives A Fantastic Update 

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta has been keeping fans occupied since it launched in its entirety a couple of days ago, but already changes are being made.

Treyarch, the developer behind the game, has implemented a couple of tiny changes that are guaranteed to make the game a helluva lot more fun. 

Firstly, the D-pad enabled quick equip menu has seen a more user-friendly update. It will now automatically disappear after a few seconds of it not being used, meaning you don’t need to worry about dipping in and out of the action. 

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Secondly, the number of players allowed in each match has seen an increase. Hooray! You can now enjoy a match with 88 total players – an increase from its previous 80 – without suffering any lag or gameplay issues. 

The time taken to collect items has also seen a bit of a change, becoming slightly faster without making a difference to the reload time. 

Finally, the unlimited time limit for the sensor dart has been capped. The sensor dart could be used to attach to vehicles and then permanently scan an area for any potential enemies. 

You’ll no longer be able to do this anymore, as the sensor dart will only be able to track for the enemy for two minutes of play. 

Although this is pretty much everything for now, it seems Blackout is still a work in progress, with Treyarch planning more updates. 

The game’s Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar, recently confirmed via Twitter: “TL;DR – Armor is getting nerfed. Those changes will be tested tomorrow for *potential* release on Thursday morning.” 

If this does happen, we can expect to see it Thursday 13th September, so fingers crossed.

We can expect many more updates in an upcoming blog post from Treyarch, says Vonderhaar. 

What do you think of the changes?