Elon Musk Can Control Heavy Machinery With An Xbox Controller 

Elon Musk is known for his weird and sort-of wondering creations that generally come out The Boring Company, the 2016 construction company founded by Musk. 

I mean, they’ve made a flamethrower – seemingly just for the sake of it. 

Anyway, The Boring Company recently posted a video to its Twitter account which shows a very, very large piece of machinery being controlled by none other than an Xbox controller. 


People are loving the idea on Twitter, but it’s not something that’s never been done before… 

Next Xbox console

Back in 2017 it emerged that the US Navy were planning on using Xbox 360 controllers to control and operate their periscopes and then earlier this year the changes went into place. 

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Commander Reed Koepp, Colorado’s commanding officer told USA Today that the controllers were being used to control photonics masts, stating: “Using commercial off-the-shelf technology saves money, and young sailors report to the submarine knowing how to use it.” 

Next Xbox console

Console hardware has been used surprisingly frequently in technology even before this console generation. In 2010, the US Air Force connected nearly 2000 PlayStation 3’s to create themselves a supercomputer. 

Made up of a whopping 1760 PlayStation 3 consoles, the supercomputer was – at the time – around the 33rd largest supercomputer in the world, and it had some pretty nice games for it too.

It seems like console hardware can be pretty flexible and useful!

As for the Xbox controllers, it’s all down to how easy it can be to map the buttons, which is one of the reasons the Xbox controllers seem to see a lot more love than the PlayStation’s DualShock 4s.  

Speaking of controllers, Xbox Australia recently unveiled its “greaseproof” Xbox One controller.

This controller was made in celebration of PUBG coming out of beta on Xbox One so now you can have a real chicken dinner, while you fight 99 other people to try and get a virtual one, and not have to worry about your controller getting all slimy.

Good idea, right?