CoD Pro Who Dumped ‘Hottest Weathergirl’ Is Glad He Prioritised Gaming Over Getting Laid

Last year Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin made headlines after it emerged that he dumped his girlfriend to continue his professional esports career as a Call of Duty player.

Martin was dating Yanet Garcia, who has nearly ten million Instagram followers and was dubbed ‘World’s Hottest Weathergirl.’ The pair were a long-distance relationship, until Martin called it a day to focus on his gaming.

Garcia is now a TV host, influencer and model.

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Nearly a year on and Martin has spoken out in regards to a recent article by a UK newspaper that suggested young men are having less sex because of video games.

He tweeted: “My parents were concerned because I didn’t kiss a girl throughout high school. To me, it was more important to be #1 in the world in CoD, that opportunity wouldn’t always be there. Glad I made that decision.”

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He followed up with: “Moral of the story: make your career your priority and let everything else fall into place. It will work itself out, and you’ll definitely be pleased with the outcome.”

Although lots of people seemed to agree with Censor’s words, there were some people who didn’t.

One user commented on the thread saying: “Fam I’m not trying to be an *sshole, but you had one of the most attractive women in the world fall in love with you and chose video games over her. It’s called a work life balance and clearly you’ve devoted all your time to ‘work’ and will eventually regret it one day.”

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Featured Image Credit: Faze Censor/Yanet Garcia