Colors Live Transforms Your Nintendo Switch Into A Home Art Studio

Tap into your inner artist on your Nintendo Switch with Colors Live. 

New release Colors Live allows you to sketch and draw with your Nintendo Switch. The game comes bundled with a ‘SonarPen’, designed specifically for the handheld console. The pen is pressure sensitive to give you more control over the strength and thickness of the lines you create with the game. The SonarPen plugs directly into the Switch, so you won’t need to worry about charging it or pairing it via Bluetooth.

Credit: Collecting Smiles

The game comes with some nice creative features – a range of ‘brush’ effects, editing features and you can create up to 10 layers within your image so you can fine tune it. 

Colors Live also has a ‘challenges’ mode, which gives you drawing prompts. This is a nice feature for budding artists who might need some ideas to get started. You can also submit your artwork to the Colors Live forum and check out other people’s creations. You can also record a time-lapse as you develop your piece to submit to the forum.

YouTube video

This is the latest game in the Colors series. ‘Colors!’ was originally developed for Nintendo DS and Colours 3D was brought out for Nintendo 3DS. So its about time we got a version for Nintendo Switch!

Considering that the 1st gen Apple Pencil, which was released in 2015 alongside the iPad Pro, still costs around £84, to allow you to sketch and draw in a similar way, Color Live’s $49.99 price tag is very reasonable! If you’re looking to get into drawing on a digital device, this looks like a really fun way to do it.

What do you think about Colors Live? Are you inspired to get sketching? Let us know on our social media channels?

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Featured Image Credit: Collecting Smiles