Conan O’Brien Asked Hideo Kojima: “Can I Have A Job Here?”

Hideo Kojima is one of the most famous faces in gaming, spearheading and revolutionising the industry with his fourth-wall-breaking narratives and fantastic games. 

The gaming maestro might have his hands full right now thanks to the upcoming Death Stranding, but it seems he’s still had the time to welcome a few famous faces into Kojima Productions. 

The likes of Geoff Keighley and – yep – Conan O’Brien have recently paid Kojima a visit, and O’Brien even asked him for a job! 

Posting a collage of images from O’Brien’s visit to Twitter with the caption [translated]: “Reunion with Conan O’Brien…Also sign the annual message board,” fans noticed a very amusing message for Kojima. 

One of the pictures shows both icons posing in front of a self-portrait drawn by O’Brien, accompanied with the words: “Can I have a job here?” 


O’Brien, known for his Clueless Gamer comedy bit, definitely seems to have an affinity with the world of gaming, even if he pretends not to. 

That being said, it’s pretty difficult to picture him making an appearance in Death Stranding, although let’s face it – literally anything could be happening in that game. 

The details surrounding Death Stranding are still almost a complete mystery, despite a few different trailers and teasers now having been released. It’s something about babies and parcel deliveries and dead sea creatures and floaty things…Yeah. If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer below.

The game, which stars The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus and legendary movie director Guillermo del Toro, is set to be one of the most outstanding games of all-time thanks to the pure skill of Kojima and his team. 

YouTube video

Now that Kojima is in charge of his own company fans can’t wait to see what he’ll turn Death Stranding into. 

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