Nerf Will Release Official Fortnite Guns Next Year 

Fortnite has slowly crept away from the digital world and now appears to be taking over the planet IRL. From Fortnite dance classes to Fortnite Monopoly, it’s getting easier and easier to get your Fortnite fix even if you run out of phone battery. 

Epic Games has just confirmed that Fortnite toy guns will also be making a real-world appearance thanks to the folks at Nerf, who recently announced their Overwatch-inspired range of foam shooters. 

Nerf is known for their fun-tastic foam and laser guns which guarantee fun for the whole family, and a Fortnite-inspired range might be an excellent way to get the family moving…as long as you’re not on your way to your Emote dance class. 

It’s not yet known what the guns will look like but they’re expected to land in the Spring of 2019. 

Summer ‘19 is set to be a good one already, as the Overwatch Nerfs are expected to launch around the same time. Blizzard and Nerf have teamed up to make probably some of the best toy guns in the history of Nerf.  

So far there’s only been two designs announced, but we can imagine that both companies have their eyes set on a full range of them eventually (or at least we hope so!) 

You’ll be able to nab yourself a replica of D.Va’s pistol or Reaper’s shotgun, and honestly you might need to get both because they look absolutely fantastic. True to form, they’re both completely different weapons, with the shotgun holding eight rounds and the pistol holding three.  

Both of the Overwatch guns are being released as part of Nerf’s Rivals line, which means they’ll be targeted at an adult audience. 

With Fortnite being such a hit with the kids, it’s not known whether Nerf will take the same approach with these guns too. 

Will you be picking up any of these? 

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