Control Guide: Every Outfit And How To Unlock Them

Control isn’t just a game about throwing heavy objects and wandering around mysterious motel rooms. It turns out Jesse Faden is also quite the fashionista, as demonstrated by these lovely outfits you can collect for her in-game.


You can change Jesse into any outfit by heading to the control point in the Central Executive Area. Open the menu and head down to outfits. For some reason, this is the only control point where you can change outfits, despite there being dozens of other control points throughout the game.

Here are all the outfits you can find in Control, and how to unlock them. Spoilers ahead!

control civilian
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


This is the default outfit Jesse begins the game with, so you don’t need to do anything to unlock it. It’s a nice look, but it doesn’t quite scream bureau director to me.

control office assistant
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


This is another outfit you’ll unlock automatically during the main campaign. It comes during the dream sequence towards the end of the game in the mission Take Control, where Jesse imagines herself as a low level FBC employee. 

control director's suit
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


Now this is an outfit where Jesse looks like she means business. You can unlock the Director’s Suit by completing the final mission of the game. That means turning off the slide projector and finding Dylan in the Astral Plane.

control golden suit
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


A gold version of the Director’s Suit. You can unlock this by completing the puzzle in the Luck and Probability wing in the Research Sector. If you need a hand completing this puzzle, we also have a handy guide on that right here.

control candidate p7
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


This outfit makes Jesse look a bit more like her brother Dylan’s appearance throughout the game. You can obtain this outfit during the main campaign mission The Face of the Enemy. When you go to the Containment Sector to find the Prime Candidate Program, find Room P7. It’s inside a closet in this room.

control asynchronous suit
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


Easily one of the coolest outfits in the game. It makes Jesse look like she’s from some Blade Runner-esque sci-fi world. You can unlock this by completing the “Self-Reflection” side mission and defeating esseJ. If you’re struggling with the mirror puzzle in this mission, check out our guide on it right here.

control janitor's assistant
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


This outfit allows you to dress the part when Ahti calls you his “assistant”. It also calls back to Jesse’s past working low paying cleaner jobs. To get this outfit, complete all five of Ahti’s side missions that are located on the board in the Janitor’s Office. After that, he’ll give you a sixth to complete, and then the outfit will be yours.

control tactical response
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Tactical Response outfit was only available to those who pre-ordered Control.

control astral dive suit
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


This one is similar to Tactical Response outfit, except it was specifically a pre-order item for the PS4 version.


You can only get this outfit by purchasing the PS4 Digital Deluxe version of Control.

control expedition gear
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


In the Central Executive area, find a room that contains the Jukebox. It was added as part of a free update called “Expeditions”. The Jukebox grants you access to a series of challenges called Expeditions. To unlock the Expedition Gear, you need to beat each of these missions that get increasingly more difficult.

control extradimensional suit
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


This is easily one of the coolest outfits in the game. It’s a DLC item found in the AWE expansion (included in the Ultimate Edition of Control). You can obtain it in the Active Investigations area, where there are two arcade machines called Shum and Shum 2. Complete each level in these arcade machines and you can unlock the outfit.

And that’s all you need to know about outfits in Control and how to unlock them all. Be sure to check out our other guides for Control here too. We’ve got details on how to obtain every supernatural ability in the game, as well as puzzle solutions to the HRA Lab and the Luck and Probability room.


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Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment