Control Guide: How To Solve The Luck and Probability Room Puzzle

During the video game Control, you may happen across a room called Luck and Probability. It’s a research area the FBC uses to test objects of power that seem to revolve around traditional concepts of, well, luck and probability. Likewise, the Luck and Probability room also has an associated puzzle you need to solve.

If you’ve been struggling to solve the puzzle in Luck and Probability, here’s how you need to solve it. Completing the puzzle will reward you with the Golden Suit.

control luck and probability puzzle
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


Firstly, you need to find the Luck and Probability room. It’s in the Research Sector, in an area located off Central Research. It’s right by the Control Point located here. Look for it on your map and follow the directions to find the door to the correct room.

Inside the Luck and Probability room, you’ll see rows of cubicles with different objects on them. Some of these items, such as the cat statue and horseshoe, you can interact with. Leave them alone for now though and head through the door on the far side that has more desks and a roulette table. This is where the Luck and Probability puzzle is located.

control luck and probability puzzle (2)
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Luck and Probability puzzle is basically about triggering enough lucky charms to allow you to win the roulette wheel and bag yourself a bonus outfit.

Take a look at the whiteboard near the roulette wheel. This is all the information you need to solve the puzzle by yourself, by manipulating the different interactable objects in both rooms to give you the best luck. Make sure you’ve done all the steps on the whiteboard, as spinning the wheel without having done that will trigger a sneaky explosive nearby. Good… luck?

Spoilers for the puzzle solution below!

In order to solve the puzzle, here are all the objects you need to interact with:

  1. Turn on all four lights inside the roulette wheel room
  2. In the earlier room, make sure the horseshoe is pointed upwards
  3. Turn the cat statue on so its paw moves up and down
  4. Use launch on the Bronze Fish Statue near the entrance to the room and bring it into the roulette wheel room. Place it on the red carpet within two feet of the table
  5. Finally, head back into the office and search for a four-leaf clover. Pick it up and bring it back to the roulette wheel room and place it in the white planter near the TV
control luck and probability puzzle (3)
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Once you’ve followed these steps, it’s time to spin the wheel. Head over to the roulette wheel and interact with it to spin it. It’s also important to make sure you step off the red carpet after spinning, as it also contributes to your luck.

If you followed the steps correctly, the wheel should stop on Lucky 7 and reward you with a bonus outfit as well as some extra goodies. Congratulations!

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Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment