Control Guide: Every Psychic Ability And How To Unlock Them

One of the best features about the video game ‘Control’ by Remedy Entertainment is being able to use supernatural psychic abilities to fight enemies or explore the Oldest House. Utilising a Metroidvania structure, Control will give you access to these supernatural abilities at different points of the game.

So if you’ve just started playing Control and want to know when you can unlock a certain ability, here’s our guide on where and how to unlock every single one in the game!

Control ability
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Launch ability allows you to pick up a nearby object using telekinetic powers and throw it at your enemies. You can also use it to solve puzzles such as throwing power batteries at units to power up elevators and automatic doors. It’s an incredibly powerful ability that you also obtain right towards the beginning of the game.

You can get the Launch ability during the Unknown Caller main mission. This mission occurs near the beginning of the game after you’ve defeated Tommasi. You’ll enter the Communications Department and have to avoid being attacked by the disc Object of Power that launches objects at you. Get close enough to it to cleanse the object. You’ll then enter the Astral Plane to do the Launch tutorial.

Control ability
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Evade ability allows you to quickly dodge attacks during combat. It also helps you keep momentum during movement, and is especially useful when combined with Levitate. It’s also one available to you near the start of the game, but unlike Launch you can only get this during a side mission.

During the ‘Directorial Override’ mission, you’ll go to the Janitor’s Office and meet Ahti. Leave the room and you’ll see another room at the end of a corridor with a red blinking light. Jesse will also make a comment about it. Head into this room and across towards a crate in the corner. Jesse will plummet into the Astral Plane, where she gets the Evade ability.

Control ability
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Shield ability comes in handy during intense combat sequences. It’ll let you create a barrier between yourself and any enemies using rubble from the ground. This helps shield you from any incoming attacks from the front, and also assists with you getting up close without taking damage. However, it isn’t completely impenetrable. If your shield takes enough damage, it’ll eventually be destroyed and leave you vulnerable.

To unlock the Shield ability in Control, you can get it in the A Good Defense side mission. To do that, you first need to pick up a collectible in Maintenance. Head to the NSC Energy Converters and find the stairs on the left. Ascend these stairs and at the top will be a Research and Records: Home Safe Tests collectible which activates the mission.

Take the sector elevator to Maintenance and destroy the Hiss Clusters to open the path. Head towards the training course, activate it and complete it within the required time. You have unlimited attempts with this minigame, so don’t worry if you don’t get it on your first go. 

After you’ve completed the trial, you can go through the new door that’s opened up and cleanse the Object of Power that gives you the Shield ability. The object is also using Shield to protect itself so you’ll need to break through it to grab it.

Control ability
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Levitate ability is my favourite power in the game. It lets you jump and levitate to reach new heights or cross gaps. Areas that were previously out of reach to you can now be entered freely, and it also comes in use during combat by allowing you to gain a height advantage.

The Levitate ability is gained during the main campaign mission ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ which occurs around 1/3rd of your way through the game. You’ll enter the Panopticon looking for your brother Dylan, where you’re instead sidetracked into defeating Salvador and cleansing the Benicoff TV.

The Object of Power is on the fourth floor of the Panopticon. Cross the bridge and find the TV at the end of the tunnel surrounded by dead FBC agents. You’ll then enter a tunnel that twists around and holds a bunch of enemies, as well as a boss, Salvador. Defeating him and cleansing the TV Object of Power grants you the Levitate ability.

Control ability
Credit: Remedy Entertainment


The Seize ability allows you to control enemies and convert them to fight by your side. This can only be done to low health enemies, but they put up a good fight and can serve as a good distraction while you deal damage from another angle. Enemies you’ve seized will only be allies for a limited amount of time before they die, so make the most of them while you can!

You can unlock Seize in the A Captive Audience side mission. This mission is unlocked by picking up a collectible near the Parapsychology Control Point. Head to the left of the giant brain statue and find a room with a whiteboard with the Research and Records: Astralnauts file on top of a blue cabinet. This will activate the A Captive Audience side mission.

Next, head to Parapsychology and find the room with lots of desks and lights hanging from the ceiling. From here, find the Hypnosis Lab room door and enter it. In here, there’s a small puzzle for you to solve to access the Object of Power. If you want to know how to solve the Hypnosis Lab puzzle, click here.

Once you’ve solved that, you can enter the room holding the X-Ray Box and cleanse it. You’ll be thrown into the Astral Plane and have access to the Seize ability.

That’s all, folks!

And there you have it, that’s everything you need to know to unlock every ability in Control. Remember, you can also spend ability points to upgrade these abilities and make them stronger as you continue playing the campaign. Some offer passive bonuses, while other upgrades offer new variations of your favourite powers.

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Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment